Trimark Petroleum Group News

Trimark Petroleum Group has always emphasized the power of branding to help ensure the success of its locations.

In addition to the drawing power of national fuel brands such as Union 76 and Shell, the company has developed its own proprietary convenience store, carwash and drive-thru coffee offerings.

Trimark has been recognized by several national and local publications for its efforts.

Reseller Boosts Image with "Pit Stop Express" Theme
From Marketing Minute -
Creating a unique, positive buying experience is key to building loyal customers at your service station and convenience store. Tasco Reseller Al Jiwani's emphasis on customer service and energetic imaging set his convenience stores apart from the competition. Team Tosco caught up with Jiwani to get some details about how his company has built a chain for successful convenience stores in the Northwest.

Driven by more than dollars
From Seattle Times 2002 -
Al Jiwani is a long way from Uganda and Idi Amin's reign of terror that forced his family
to flee to England in 1972. But in some respects his life has come full circle. After briefly
living in Vancouver, B.C., the family moved to Seattle in 1986 and set up a jewelry-supply business.

Up and Comers – Round Trip
From Convenience Store Decisions Magazine 2000 –
Trimark Petroleum Group is creating the best of both worlds – a family of big brands under the umbrella of Pit Stop Express – a racing themed proprietary store image.